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Latest 3 Trades in US Crude Oil

From September 2017 until 23rd November 2017 there were 3 trade opportunities found in US Crude oil for going long (Buy) as shown in the above chart. This market has moved a total of 1,312 pips during this time period. Our Latest 3 Trades in US Crude Oil have generated a total of 1011+871+473= 2,355 pips. […]

Trade Commodity: NY Cotton

Trade Commodity: NY Cotton. NY Cotton is printing an Interesting Technical Market Structure. After a drop of 1,931 pips (A to B), it went up 874 pips (B to C) but only to see another drop of 822 pips (C to D) as shown above. After printing a higher Trough, recently it is up to […]

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Learn to Trade Cryptocurrencies with Us

Last fortnight one of the CryptoCurrency Markets moved 765 Pips. Out of a Total move of 765 Pips, our Proprietary CryptoCurrency Trading System Captured 650+318= 968 Pips by Scaling In twice as shown above. Learn to Trade Cryptocurrencies with us. Learn how you can start Trading this exciting world of CryptoCurrencies with Us, who are Trading the […]

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