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The Year 2018 with N P Financials: Successes followed by Successes: A retrospection:

In this post we have critically analyzed the outcomes or performances of our blog posts throughout the entire year i.e. 2018 as below: 30th January 2018: We wrote, “DOW JONES INDEX (Wall Street Cash) is now at our Resistance/Supply Line at 26,702 price level”: Dow Jones came down 3,590 Pips in 6 days after our […]

Price Objective Analysis for Spot Gold (XAU/USD) after our post dated 14 October 2018

Spot Gold Price Objective

Spot Gold (XAUUSD or ) has exactly bounced from our level posted in our blog post dated 14 October 2018. In our blog post dated 14 October 2018, we wrote, “If the price of Spot gold (XAU/USD) Market in the coming week i.e. week number 42 (from 15.10.2018 till 19.10.2018) goes above 1,226.5 level then […]

DAX-and-DJI Technical Analysis

DAX-and-DJI Technical Analysis: Germany 30 Stock market index (DAX) is down since last 5 months as shown below. As can be observed from the below chart for Germany 30 Stock market index (DAX), DAX is printing bearish (close price is below open price) candles for the last 5 months consecutively. We have drawn the Fibonacci for Germany […]

Time to say “Bye” (not “Buy”) Bitcoin?

In our last post dated 7th October 2018 on “Future Price Objective of Bitcoin Crypto-Currency: XBT/USD” we wrote, “Now if the close of Bitcoin Crypto-Currency is staying above or below the said 2 support and 2 resistance lines then there is a possibility of a price move up or down respectively”. Price after breaking our […]

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