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Precious Commodity: Which one is to be Traded Now in the Oil Group?

Do you know which Precious Commodity is to be Traded Now in the Oil Group? In this post, we will be highlighting the status of the Precious Commodity as well its relationship with other Commodities in that group. We will show you what we are trading in the Precious Commodity market as a whole. We […]

How Pound Dollar (GBP/USD) will be Traded from here?

The Forex Currency pair Pound dollar (GBP/USD) is trading in a very tight range for the last 20 days. In this post, we have highlighted the extreme power of a possible breakout (or bounce) trade from this critical Market Structure printed by the Forex Currency pair GBP/USD also known as Sterling Dollar or Pound Dollar […]

Bitcoin has moved Up 1,272 points after our Blog @ 31.3.2019 as it was Waiting for our Post!

Bitcoin has moved Up a humongous 1,272 points after our Blog post dated 31.03.2019. This huge move up for Bitcoin happened in just 6 days after our Blog post. This tremendous move up is equal to a jump of 31.22% in the price of only one Cryptocurrency out of 4 we posted on 31.03.2019 viz. […]

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