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Partha Banerjee

Principal Trader

Partha Banerjee- Principal Trader

Marty Stewart

Senior Trader


Junior Trader

Partha Banerjee

Founder & Director

Partha Banerjee

Founder & Director

Partha Banerjee

Founder & Director

About Us


About N P Financials

We help clients spearhead to financial opportunities.

We help develop clients to be successful in trading

capable of earning extra money.

About NPF


NP Financials is a privately-held proprietary trading firm.
We believe in simplicity in our trading pathway. Our vision: if it is not simple, it is not working for our Clients.
At NP Financials, clients trade live markets with us- earning a second income.
We help our clients earn while they learn the ins and outs of


We at NPF specialize in trading all 5 asset classes:
Commodities and Indices
Our trading models are developed for our Clients based on over 21,000 hours of research & development on market behaviour.

Our Trading Style

Clients trade using our proprietary trading models which are based on logical and mathematical computations.
Our trading models are built to handle even the most challenging market conditions.
We follow our stringent money and risk management trading rules to achieve robust performance in different market requirements.

Our expertise

Credentials of NPF for Clients

Our Head Trader is equipped with unshakable trading expertise and knowledge. He loves sharing his expertise with our clients.
Some of his extra-ordinary credentials are:
Prop desk Trading for last 10 years.
Mentoring & Coaching more than 1,000 Traders.
Delivering approximately 300+ one, two & three day Trading Seminars.
Conducting approximately 300+ one and two day live Trading boot-camps.

Trading aptitudes

We deliver the best to our Clients through knowledge captured from being/ having:
21000+ hours of Market Research & Development
Certified Financial Technician
Diploma of Technical Analysis
DER (GA) – Derivatives (General Advice)
Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis Tier 2
Tier 1 Technical Analysis
Foreign Exchange (Personal Advice)
Advisor Compliance Solution in Specialist- Knowledge Securities
Diploma of Financial Planning
Bachelor of Engineering


NPFinancials- GoMarkets for Clients

GO Markets is an established Australian based and operated company (AFSL 254963).


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N P Financials has an IB relationship with GO Markets.


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Disclaimer : Np Financials Pty Ltd may be compensated by brokers due to promotional activities