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Forex Trading Expertise

Our Expertise


Trading Expertise and Knowledge.

He loves to share his Expertise with our Clients.

Some of his extra ordinary credentials are:


Prop desk Trading for last 6 years.

Mentored & Coached more than 750 Traders.

Delivered about 300+ one, two & 3 days Trading Seminars.

Conducted about 250+ one and two days live Trading boot-camps.

We deliver the best in Trading through Knowledge captured from being/ having:


21000+ hours of Market Research & Development
Certified Financial Technician
Diploma of Technical Analysis
DER (GA) – Derivatives (General Advice)
Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis Tier 2
Tier 1 Technical Analysis
Foreign Exchange (Personal Advice)
Advisor Compliance Solution in Specialist- Knowledge Securities
Diploma of Financial Planning
Bachelor of Engineering

 Trading Aptitudes