Welcome to N P Financials, the simple and most powerful proprietary trading firm in Melbourne which is ideal for beginners as well as most suitable for advanced traders. At N P Financials, we share our Proprietary Trading knowledge and expertise with clients to provide them an opportunity to explore the possibility of earning a passive income. Our main Services are Trading, intensive coaching and mentoring to open-minded, positive and interested people to help them earn extra income while keeping their day job. We Trade all the six Asset Classes, viz. Forex, Equities (Shares), Bonds, Commodities (Gold, Oil etc), Cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) and Indices (ASX 200, DAX, S&P 500, DJI, FTSE etc) and develop clients on these assets to help them diversify their Trading portfolios and earn a second income. We believe in Simplicity in our Trading pathway. Our idea: if it is not Simple, it is not working.

We at N P Financials, value our clients and care about their Financial Education and Development. Take this opportunity to get engaged in 1-on-1 consultations with our head trader throughout the training period and learn how to trade and enhance your trading skills to move to the next level. Our Reputation goes with Our Products & Services. We will teach you everything you ever need to know to become a professional trader. There is no experience in trading required from your side. All that is required is an interest in and dedication to learn with all seriousness.

Once you enrol in our services, you will be entitled to the following world class benefits:

  1. Dedicated one-on-one coaching in-house or remote via Skype/ Google hangouts,
  2. Monthly Class(es) in-house or remote via Skype/ Google hangouts,
  3. Technical analysis based on Price Action insights/ interpretation (Bar-by-Bar) and/ or Proprietary Indicators/ Strategies which shall make your life easier if you are serious about trading,
  4. Written Course material (practical, concise and step-by-step guide/ manual) broken down into Modules and Units for your ease,
  5. Plenty of Real Market examples to make your Trading understanding clearer,
  6. Self assessment tasks on almost every aspect of Trading taught as well as expert advice on your completed tasks,
  7. Multi time frame trading model(s) based on momentum swings and market bias,
  8. Mental Skill Sets required for trading including the control of Cognitive Bias, Amygdala and HPA Axis actions affecting Trading,
  9. Screen shots of all possible trade setups with analysis and commentary,
  10. Multiple Asset Class evaluations based on Proprietary Market Turning Point indicator,
  11. Instruction based discussions of high Probability Setups with advanced position sizing,
  12. Mathematical aspects of Trading including positive expectancy, Money/ Risk Management with Proprietary and Logical stop loss,
  13. Sample Trade Ideas with Outcomes to maximise profit target potential,
  14. Membership portal with Traders’ breakout room to help develop Trading Plans with a Journal,
  15. Trading Videos to consolidate your Learning,
  16. Regular Blog Posts on all aspects of Technical/ Fundamental/ Psychological (Greed/ Fear/ Discipline) Trading,
  17. Answers to all your questions/ queries.
  18. Access to our Principal trader over phone/ email/ online chat/ face-to-face/ Skype/ Google hangouts and much more…


Our Proprietary Trading Strategy will guide you through every step of your trading in all the asset classes viz. Shares, Forex, Commodities, Bond and Indices e.g. DAX, ASX200, Dow Jones etc to explore the possibility of earning second income. Develop yourself as a professional trader capable of capturing extra income in future with us.

If you are serious about your Trading, please book your 30 minutes FREE session with us at Level 3, 2 Brandon Park Drive, Wheelers Hill, Victoria 3150.

Please click on the Contact Us link: Goo.Gl/2SRZoG

Call us at +61 3 9015 4858
email: info@npfinancials.com.au

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