Index Trading

NP Financial proprietary index trading sessions train you to diversify with low start-up costs and be able to generate side income. You will be trained to take the first step on how to create wealth, get the understanding of the insights of choosing which market index to trade, and distinguish between trading cash indices and index futures. Discover what all it takes to become a Professional Stock index trader and know how to speculate the Index prices going to rise or fall with the highest probability. Learn to trade the best indices viz. DJIA, DAX, NASDAQ 100, S and P 500, ASX 200, etc. Master the art of understanding how supply and demand affect a broad range of factors in index trading. Know how to identify what moves index market prices. identify high probability trade setups in index trading. Take advantage of our unique R multiple trades. Have private access to our proprietary index trading strategies to identify the low-risk entry points, where to hide your stops, and how to maximize your profit targets.


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