Monthly Trader Sessions

In our Monthly Trader Master Class you will take advantage of our indepth Market understanding gathered from our 30,000+ hours of Market Research & Development. N P Financials’ head trader Partha Banerjee is rewarded with Certified Financial Technician- CFTe; Diploma of Technical Analysis; DER (GA) – Derivatives (General Advice); Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis Tier 2; Tier 1 Technical Analysis; Foreign Exchange (Personal Advice); Advisor Compliance Solution in Specialist- Knowledge Securities; Diploma of Financial Planning. Engross yourself to correct your Trading understanding in our 2 hours long Monthly Trader Sessions. Take advantage of our Proprietary Trading understanding of Multiple Time Frame Trading. Meet other Professional Traders who have taken their Trading to higher level. This is an opportunity to absorb “What it Takes to be a Trader”. Make sure that you are getting the big idea of “What Not to Do When” in your Trading understanding.


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