Professional Account Audition MT5 Reset

In search of good traders we are identifying them through our Proprietary Trading Audition. For getting the opportunity to trade our company’s capital you need to pass N P Financials’ evaluation program. Evaluation is the test in which your trading skills, risk management and money management skills will be assessed. The Audition Fee is USD 6,300 to support a trading account of USD 1,000,000. Your Profit Share after passing the Audition will be 70 percent. You will get Live Funded Trading Account of USD 1,000,000 after passing the Audition. Profit Target to Pass the Audition is 10 percent. Maximum Daily Drawdown will be 4 percent. Maximum Trailing Drawdown will be 5 percent. Trading Platform will be MT4.

Professional: $1,000,000

Your Profit Share: 70%

Profit Target: $100,000

Daily Drawdown: 4%

Maximum Trailing Drawdown: 5%


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