Start-up Account Audition

In search of good traders we are identifying them through our Proprietary Trading Audition. For getting the opportunity to trade our company’s capital you need to pass N P Financials’ evaluation program. Evaluation is the test in which your trading skills, risk management and money management skills will be assessed. The Audition Fee is USD 240 to support a trading account of USD 25,000. Your Profit Share after passing the Audition will be 70 percent. You will get Live Funded Trading Account of USD 25,000 after passing the Start-up Account Audition. Profit Target to Pass the Audition is 10 percent. Maximum Daily Drawdown will be 4 percent. Maximum Trailing Drawdown will be 5 percent. Trading Platform will be MT4.

Start-Up: $25,000

Your Profit Share: 70%

Profit Target: $2,500

Daily Drawdown: $1,000

Maximum Trailing Drawdown: 5%




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