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Professional Trader Development

Full time professional trader from NPF will be your own personal coach for 36 hours. You will be introduced to our Proprietary Trading Edges. It will give you forty-eight, one-on-one coaching sessions. You will be attending six monthly classes in addition to your mentoring sessions. You will get Trader’s Foundation 553 pages of content. You will be coached to complete weekly self-assessment tasks which will allow you to move to next step.

Trader Development, NP Financials

Professional Trader Development COURSE CONTENT

Trader Development, NP Financials

Professional Forex Trader Development (36 hours)

Your complete guide to the best Forex strategies

Are you ready to secure the best returns on your investments? Do you seek to be your own boss and earn your wealth through the finest, tried, and tested strategies that are making millions for traders across the globe? Do you want to learn from the best traders in the Forex world with revolutionary advanced trading techniques perfected over the years? Then this Trader Development course is just the thing for you!

At NP Financials, we are offering you one-on-one sessions of world-class training with leading experts in the field for your professional trading career. Our aim is to equip you with skills and tactics that will generate tangible wealth and jump-start your trading business. You can be your own boss, optimize your income, create a stunning portfolio of investments, and develop skills that will help you lifelong in your trading business.

Our numbers speak for themselves, having generated:

  • 48,456 points in the last 65 months
  • An average of 745 points per month
  • 89 average points per Trade

We win when YOU win!

We are the pioneers of trader training in Australia, having guided thousands of promising traders across the globe since our inception. NP Financials has one of the highest client retention rates, which speaks volumes for our efficiency, methods, and services. There is no holy grail to trading but with our decades of unmatched experience, we can provide you with the most trusted and probable techniques in over 8 commodity markets that we regularly trade in, so that you too, can achieve outstanding success!

With unparalleled Market Analysis, special Trading Edges, and one of the most accurate prediction rates, our Professional Forex Trader Development course gives you 36 hours of unrestricted, customized coaching that will amplify your trading skills to perfection. This course will give you access to:

  • 48 sessions of exclusive coaching with our Experts
  • Over 600 pages of the best content on market strategies
  • Our exclusive Proprietary Trading Edges that make you stand out
  • The most profitable Portfolio Management System
  • Most popular strategic practices in the trading world (like the 12-hour Strategy)
  • Weekly assessment guides to assess your progress
  • And much more!

At NP financials, we ensure that our traders are ready to take on the world of Forex with the lowest risk and the highest returns. You will learn how to tackle your financial investments and create a versatile, money-making portfolio for consistent profits. Contact us now to find out more!

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