The Year 2018 with N P Financials: Successes followed by Successes: A retrospection:

In this post we have critically analyzed the outcomes or performances of our blog posts throughout the entire year i.e. 2018 as below:

30th January 2018: We wrote, “DOW JONES INDEX (Wall Street Cash) is now at our Resistance/Supply Line at 26,702 price level”:

Dow Jones came down 3,590 Pips in 6 days after our Blog Post

23rd February 2018: We wrote, “Do you know, how to Trade U.S. Dollar Index (DX) from here (8,948 Support level)?”:

Just after 3 months of our post, U.S. Dollar Index rose up to 9,357 level which was a gain of 409 points.

4th March 2018: We posted, “Trade Germany 30 Cash Index (DAX) from here (12,002 Support level)”:

Just after 2 months of our post, DAX Index rose up to 12,844 level which was a gain of 842 points.

18th March 2018: We posted, “Trade ASX 200 Cash Index from here with us (5,979 Resistance level)”:

Australian 200 Cash Index fell 208 points from our Resistance line at 5,979 in 6 days after our post on 18th of March 2018.

8th April 2018: We wrote, “What they will not tell you about Trading Rio Tinto Shares now (73.17 Support/ Demand level)”:

As we Said, so it Happened for RIO Tinto Shares! Rio Tinto Bounced 648 PIPS exactly from our Support level of 72.30 as posted in this Blog.

21st April 2018: Our post was, “Forex currency pair USD/JPY is at a very critical position now. The currency pair USD/JPY is trading now, at the time of writing this Blog Post, at 107.63. Do you know how to Trade USD/JPY from here?”:

As we projected the take profit target for USD/JPY at 110.7846 so it happened on 26th May 2018. A total gain of 315 points from this post.

9th June 2018: Our post was, “We give Trading Ideas at our Blog Post, FREE. We also give 99% MORE to our Paid Clients”:

Profit 1: 500 PIPS Profit booked on Euro Aussie (EUR/AUD) Forex Pair on 28.05.2018 as per our Trade Idea shared with our paid clients dated 06.05.2018.

Profit 2: 350 PIPS Profit booked on Euro (EUR/USD) Forex Pair on 25.05.2018 as per our Trade Idea shared with our paid clients dated 06.05.2018.

Profit 3: 320 PIPS Profit booked on Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) Forex Pair on 21.05.2018 as per our Trade Idea shared with our paid clients dated 20.04.2018.

16th June 2018: We wrote, “You only need 2 Trade Ideas as our Member Client to grab 5,110 Profit Points from Market”:

Profit 1: 3,100 PIPS Profit booked on Commodity Soybean Meal on 14.06.2018 as per our Trade Idea shared with our paid clients dated 04.06.2018

Profit 2: 2,010 PIPS Profit booked on Twitter Shares on 13.06.2018 as per our Trade Idea shared with our paid clients dated 02.11.2017 with a follow-up, dated 12.02.2018

12th August 2018: We wrote, “Are Forex Currency Pairs EUR/USD and AUD/USD (at 0.7295 Resistance level)in trouble now?”:

As on 2nd September 2018, AUD/USD fell a solid 100 pips after our post.  

26th August 2018: We wrote, “ASX 200 Index: Technical knows all Fundamentals”:

As on 9th September, ASX 200 just waited for the fundamental news to happen and did its job by sliding down a massive 277.9 pips after our post.

30th September 2018: We posted, “US Crude Oil Market Analysis through Scientific Method (at 7,408.6 Resistance level)”:

As on 11th November 2018, Commodity Oil gave us a profit of a humongous 1,685 points.

7th October 2018: We posted, “Future Price Objective of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency (at 6,539 price level) in which we wrote, “if the close of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is staying below the said 2 Resistance lines then there is a possibility of a price move down””:

As on 14 December 2018, Bitcoin not only stayed below our said Resistance level of 6,539 but also felled a massive 3,382 points as per our post.

14th October 2018: Our post was, “Recent Price Objective Analysis for Spot gold (at 1,217.9 Support level)”:

As on 28th December 2018, Spot gold was trading at 1,281.1 which was a gain of 63.2 points as per our post.

21st October 2018: Our post was, “Technical Analysis of Sterling Aussie (GBP/AUD) Currency Pair (at 1.8352 Resistance level)”:

As on 4th November 2018, GBP/AUD fell a massive 342 points as per our blog post.

28th October 2018: Our post was, “Is this a Start of a Bear Market in Stock and Index Trading (with Dow Jones at 24,730 Resistance level and DAX at 11,215 Resistance level)?”:

Just before Christmas on 24th December 2018, Dow Jones was trading at 21,699 level which was down by stupendous 3,031 points and DAX at 10,286 level down by 929 points from our post.

We have again demonstrated throughout the year that our blog posts in general and trade ideas, in particular, have helped all of you.

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