Share Trading

(18 hours duration)


Learn how to do Share Trading. Get mentored in the art and science of Share Trading in our proprietary 18 hours developmental course. Derive benefit from our effective Share Trading Strategies. Learn how you can decipher the Fundamental and Technical aspects of Stock Trading. Under our proprietary Share Trading mentor-ship program you will be trained to trade ASX, NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ listed shares.

COURSE CONTENT (You will learn):



• Winning Fundamentals of Share Trading
• How to develop an in-depth knowledge for interpreting the financial of Companies you want to trade e.g. EPS, Earnings, PE, ROE, ACFS etc
• What to look for and How to read the financial statements of Companies
• Share Trading Mindset including Major Mistakes to be avoided
• Identification of Correct and Relevant Market Reversals
• Understanding Share Market Evaluation
• Correct Understanding of Price Plot Patterns
• Effective Technical Analysis in Share Markets
• Key factors to look for in a Company
• How to measure the strengths of relevant Sectors
• How to identify the winning Stocks in a strong Sector
• How to avoid the lagging Stocks in a week Sector
• Key Events Driving Share Prices
• Share Market’s Actual Trend
• Identification of Short, Medium & Long term Trends
• Taking advantage of Gaps in Share Trading
• Concepts of Share Market Turning Points
• Trade International and Local Shares from share trading course Melbourne
• Develop a consistent & easy to follow Share Trading Plan
• Volume Spread Analysis
• Learn Index Trading
• Our Proprietary Money, Risk & Portfolio Management Strategies
• Setups for Long Share Trading Strategy
• Setups for Short Share Trading Strategy
• Stop position identification for Share Trading Strategy
• Setting up Profit Objectives for Share Trading Strategy
• Share Trading Trade Management
• Know your numbers especially what brokers can charge in Share Trading (e.g. CFD interest charge, Commissions, Exchange rates, Stock borrowing costs, Dividends etc.)
• Development and Maintenance of Share Trading Journal and how to learn from the mistakes

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