Yeho Vayireh on Videos

Hi, please upload new videos, as all your videos are having great content. Thank you.

Starting from having no knowledge of trading

Starting from having no knowledge of trading Partha and N P Financials have held my hand and guided my development in my journey of becoming a trader. It has been an extremely exciting and rewarding journey which would have been impossible without Partha distributing...


Good morning Partha sir. Thanks a lot for your help. Feeling more connected and privileged now with tremendous opportunities and mutual co-operation. Cheers. Sukhdeep.

Rare in this world

I personally feel, we are the Luckiest ones to be your students in this lucrative market. The way you hold hands during our learning process, is really rare in this world. Thank you so much, Sincerely, SU

Outstanding Teaching

Due to your outstanding teachings Partha, I believe we are witnessing a fantastic breakout gap on the USDJPY what a beautiful day. Regards, MS