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One Step Evaluation
Industry leading simple, straight forward & 1 Step evaluation to pass to get Funded.
We cover the losses
You have 5% maximum trailing drawdown and you are not liable to any losses.
No minimum or maximum number of days
No minimum or maximum number of days to pass the NPF Audition.
Trade Our Capital
Trade your own strategy. EA is allowed. Hedging is allowed. Copy Trading is allowed.
Get Funded Quickly
No monthly subscription. No hidden cost. Pay fee only once. Pass and get Funded within a day or two.
You keep 70% Profit
Pass N P Financials 1 step Audition & Start Earning Money. Trade our Capital up to US $1,925,000.00

N P Financials' Capital Offering Forex Funding Account

Giving you complete control of your Financial Freedom & Profits.

N P Financials' Trader Development

We are here for you to work with you to help fine tune your strategies together so that you can be as profitable as possible.

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Over 52 years of combined experience with in depth knowledge of all aspects of Trading to support your Profit goals.

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Founder and Head Trader

17 years of Trading experience. Heading Prop desk Trading for the last 10 years. Mentored & Coached more than 1,800 Traders. 21000+ hours of Market Research & Development. Certified Financial Technician (CFTe). Equipped with unshakeable Trading Expertise and Knowledge. Love to share his Expertise. A true Leader.

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Institutional Trader

Innovation to the Core. 20 years of Corporate Finance and founding roles in Proprietary Trading in multiple asset classes and securities trading. Helping traders perform through custom built trading floors and capital backing.  Institutional trader with a unique view on Intermarket Analysis to bring success in constantly evolving Markets.

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Marty Stewart
Senior Trader

15 years of Trading experience. A Master of Wave Analysis. Most of his Elliot Wave counts really happen in the Marketplace. Getting trained in Applied Finance. Have amazing expertise in Algorithmic no-code Trading Automation. Responsible for delivering the time tested & time proven Trading Strategies to succeed in the Markets.

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Junior Trader

Exceptionally Talented Young Trader backed with Industrial Design concepts. Turned initial Trading Capital multifold. Gifted with Discipline, Patience, Adaptability, Mental Toughness, Independence, and Forward Thinking. Having particularly good Fundamental Understanding of all the Events contributing to Market Movements.


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