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Explore the possibilities of earning passive income while keeping your day job

What we do?

One-on-one Coaching

Learn trading from our full-time professional trader. Our step by step hand holding program is specially designed keeping in mind your learning progression. Enjoy your trading journey either by attending our in-house coaching sessions or through our specially designed online classes for financial benefits.

Trader Development

A full-time professional trader from N P Financials will be your own personal coach for 12 months. You will be introduced to our Proprietary Trading Edges. We will be mentoring you in forty-eight, one-on-one coaching sessions. You will be attending six monthly Seminars with other professional traders for financial benefits.

Trading Courses

Our trading courses are specially designed keeping your trading skill development in mind. Each course is handcrafted into different modules. Each module is further subdivided into separate units for your easy grasping. You will get trader manuals with step-by-step illustrations. You will be coached to complete the weekly self-assessment tasks which will help you to get developed as a Trader capable of earning extra income for financial benefits.

Why we do it?

Passive Income

It is possible to generate second or passive income by trading Forex, Shares, Indices or Commodities. We at N P Financials will demonstrate you how to explore the possibility of having a steady financial income while keeping your day job when you are trained by us.

Trading Awareness

We will make sure that you understand the concepts of market structure, mechanics, and its dynamics. You will learn how to map the market to identify in advance the market reversals. You will be able to evaluate new price action before it unfolds. You will come to know what to do & what not to do while trading for financial benefits.

Secured Future

We will coach you to remain consistent and disciplined with your trading approach by sticking to your trading rules. We will guide you to develop a dynamic trading business plan which will help secure your financial future. Our proprietary trading strategies will simply make your trading much more enjoyable and relaxed.

How we do it?

Proprietary Financial Trading

At N P Financials we trade for living through our proprietary Money & Risk Management Strategies. We aim for the best risk-adjusted performance through our unique capital and portfolio management system. We trade with our proprietary mark-to-market system where we value assets by the most recent market price action.


What We Teach

Earn while you Learn

Our members got 11 out of 12 months of successful sample trade-ideas in a year.

Firm hand-holding

We care for your trading development. Our Professional Traders will guide you thoroughly in your trading journey.

Trading Approach

We will help you to develop your unique trading style with our risk and money management expertise.

Accurate Market Predictions

We predict the market’s top/ bottom much before it happens. Take a look at our blog posts for a first-hand experience.

Trading Success

Our clients collect regular points from trade-able markets weekly as demonstrated in our blog posts

Professional Trader’s Mindset

We help clients to develop a Professional Trader mindset, which is essential to be able to trade.

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What Our Clients Say

“Our mission is to show an average person how to spearhead to financial opportunities“


Explore possibilities of Extra Income, through our Proprietary Trading System

Trade along with the Master Trader

All said and done, success in trading comes from mastering the following

  1. Trading starts with knowing yourself & the financial market better.
  2. Success in trading depends on developing the skill sets of how to maximize your financial returns.
  3. Success in financial trading depends on developing the skill sets of what not to do and when.

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