Commodity Trading

(18 hours duration)


Learn to Trade the most beautiful Market: Commodity Market. Dedicate 18 hours of your time to master the ins and outs of the raw material Markets. Enjoy our advanced Commodity Trading Strategy features. Identify Imbalance in Demand and Supply and Trade the same to your Advantage. Remember, Commodity Markets as such have tremendous economic impact on all the nations, especially the Commodity producing countries, viz. Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Under our proprietary Commodity Trading mentorship program you will be trained to trade Commodities under Energy, Grains, Industrials, Live Stocks, Precious Metals and Softs Sectors.

COURSE CONTENT (You will learn):


• Basics of Commodities- You will learn commodities basics
• History of Commodities– You will come to know how long does it take to learn commodities
• Commodities’ Categories– You will learn how to trade commodities
• Pre-empting Supply and Demand based on Production & Consumption of  Commodities
• Elements of Commodity Trading Strategies
• Institutional Insights of Commodity Trading
• Key Events Driving Commodity Prices
• Commodity Price Actual Trend
• Calendar Maps of Commodities’ Productions
• Commodity Market Moving Time Frames
• Commodity Market Facts, Figures and its Framework
• Foundational aspects of Commodity Trading which includes:
  Market Structure, Dynamics, Mechanisms and Mapping of Commodity Markets
• Risk, Money, Capital and Portfolio Management Systems
• Commodity Trading Mindset including Major Mistakes to be avoided
• Identification of Correct and Relevant Market Reversals in Commodity Trading
• Taking advantage of Divergence in Commodity Trading
• Understanding Market Evaluation
• Correct Understanding of Price Plot Patterns
• Concepts of Commodity Market Turning Points
• Commodities’ ETFs
• Commodity Market Hours
• Correct Lot Sizing in Commodity Trading
• Our Proprietary Money, Risk & Portfolio Management Strategies
• Setups for Long Commodity Trading Strategy
• Setups for Short Commodity Trading Strategy
• Setups for Hook Short and Hook Long Commodity Trading Strategies
• Stop position identification for Commodity Trading Strategy
• Setting up Profit Objectives for Commodity Trading Strategy
• Commodity Trading Trade Management 
• Know your numbers especially what brokers can charge in Commodity Trading  (e.g. Spreads, CFD interest charge,  Commodity Basis Adjustments etc.)

Commodity Trading Course