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N P Financials’ Mapping of Markets is an advanced trading program designed for traders who want to take their analysis and profitability potential up a notch.

With 24 one-on-one coaching sessions from NPF’s professional trader, plus four monthly classes covering Brand New Elliott Wave Trading Theory in detail (325 pages!), this program will provide you the ultimate learning experience on cracking those difficult market behaviours!

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What is Mapping of Market ?

Mapping of Market is a trading approach that analyses market behavior using tools like technical analysis and Elliott Wave Theory. By identifying patterns and trends, it helps traders make informed decisions and predict future price movements, enhancing profitability. Unlock the secrets of market mapping and become a master trader with N P Financials’ Esteemed Mentor.

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Get real-time Mapping of Market insights from N P Financials

Gain advanced skills in market mapping, risk management, and technical analysis to enhance your expertise in trading. Our comprehensive course covers essential components, enabling you to become a master trader in the market.

Discover the key to emotional control and develop a structured methodology for mapping the market with our expert-guided course. Acquire the skills and strategies essential to thrive in today’s dynamic trading landscape.

Enhance your market mapping skills with our expert-led training program. Learn to master technical tools such as Waves, Impulse, Correction, Fractals & more. Gain the knowledge to make informed trading decisions and elevate your performance in the market.

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Benefits of Australia's #1 Mapping of Market Course

Expand your trading knowledge, refine your market analysis skills, and unlock the potential for increased profitability. Whether you’re a novice or experienced trader, the Mapping of Market Course offers invaluable insights and a pathway to elevate your trading success.

NPF Mapping of Market Course : Who should take it?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader seeking to enhance your skills, N P  Financials’ Mapping of Markets is suitable for anyone eager to delve deeper into forex trading and effectively map market movements. Join us today and unlock your trading potential!

mapping of markets, NP Financials

Get support and guidance from NPF's expert mentors, available to students 18 hours a day.

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Marty Stewart

The Passion Behind NPF Elliott Wave Trading Course

Marty Stewart is having 15 years of Trading experience. A Master of Wave Analysis. Most of his Elliot Wave counts really happen in the Marketplace. Getting trained in Applied Finance. Have amazing expertise in Algorithmic no-code Trading Automation. Responsible for delivering the time tested & time proven Trading Strategies to succeed in the Markets. Marty’s dedication and remarkable efforts make him an invaluable asset in the mapping of market training.

N P Financials Mapping of Market COURSE CONTENT

mapping of markets, NP Financials

Elliott Wave Trading:

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on Elliott Wave Trading? Are you finding it difficult to apply your wave analysis in the current market conditions? If so, then our Mapping of Markets course is just for you! In this course, we will be exploring our proprietary way to map the markets using Elliott Wave principles. 

We will also look at how this market mapping can be used to improve your Elliott Wave trading strategy. So, if you’re ready to take your trading skills to the next level, Enrol now!

Mapping of Markets:

In this Mapping of Markets course we are going to explore Elliott Wave Trading through the lens of a brand new concepts. This fresh perspective should help us better understand how to trade within the confines of this new market environment. We will specifically look at how Elliott Waves can be used to identify high probability swing trade setups. So strap in and get ready for a wild ride!

The Elliott Wave Trading strategy is used through our new mapping of markets that provides an enlarged view of the market cycle. The Swing Trader’s Bible: Trading and Investing in Ranges, Trends, and Volatility shows how to use this approach to trade stocks, indices, commodities and forex. 

N P Financials’ Elliott Wave Trading details nineteen trading strategies that exploit every imaginable move the market can make from start to finish. New traders and experienced professionals will learn profitable techniques for managing position size, entries and exits, money management and more. This is a must to do course for all traders who want to improve their odds of success regardless of market conditions!

Wave Analysis:

Elliott wave analysis is a powerful tool for reading markets like a book, anticipating the market’s next move and allowing you to avoid undesirable markets altogether. By learning how to capture major and minor swings in price and how to collect a major number of points out of them, you can forecast market reversals and trends well before they happen. 

With this knowledge, you will be able to take your trading skills from beginner to advanced in no time at all. So, what are you waiting for? Start studying Elliott waves today!

You will also learn:

1. The basics of Elliott Wave Trading.
2. How to use the new mapping to improve your trading strategies.
3. Examples of how the new mapping has been successful in predicting market movements.
4. Thoughts on the new Elliott Wave Trading method.
5. What is Elliott Wave Trading and how does it work.
6. The new mapping of markets and how it affects Elliott Wave Trading.
7. Examples of how to use the new mapping to trade the markets.
8. Closing thoughts on the new mapping of markets and its impact on Elliott Wave Trading.

N P Financials’ Elliott Wave Trading Offerings:

Welcome to N P Financials, the proprietary trading firm committed to developing traders since 2016.


We thank you for your interest in joining our Mapping of Markets Trading Course. Following are the highlights of our offerings:


1. We use Elliott wave as a way of reading markets like a book, anticipating the market’s next move and allowing you to avoid undesirable markets altogether.

2. You will learn how to capture major and minor swings in price and how to collect a major number of points out of them.

3. By the end of this program you will be able to forecast market reversals and trends well before they happen. Knowing such information will take your trading confidence to the next level.


Our Industry Leading Mapping of Markets Trading Course will be for 18 hours (one on one sessions (in-house or online) and monthly group classes). You will be getting the following as the offerings from this course:


1. Full time professional trader from NPF (Professional Proprietary Trading firm since 2016) will be your own personal coach.

2. You will be trained from basics of Mapping of Markets Trading in our Proprietary Daily/ 4 hourly Trading Strategies.

3. You will get 24, one-on-one coaching sessions in the 18 hours course (each session would be of 30 minutes per week. You can also combine 2 sessions together and take it once a fortnight for 1 hour).

4. You will be attending 4 monthly master classes with other professional traders for 2 hours each in this 18 hours course.

5. You will have private access to our corporate membership portal for clients, like you, and 325 pages of fully instructional written down educational course material.

6. We will share our 2 Proprietary Trading Strategies with you.

7. You will be coached to complete weekly self-assessment tasks.

8. You will have exclusive private access to our members portal which in itself is a tremendous source of trading information.


In addition to all the offerings above you will also be entitled to the following:

  1.  Last 7 years of Strategy based trades along with its outcomes in Forex, Shares and Commodities.
  2. Last 7 years of multiple Asset Classes (Forex, Index, Cryptos, Shares, Bonds and Commodities) Evaluations.
  3. Last 7 years of Trade Ideas which have collected 53,358 points from the Markets in the last 70 months which equals to 762 average points per month and 88 average Pips per Trade.
  4. Last 7 years’ examples of the Market analysis which we did beforehand, that comes true in the future very high percentage of time.

Once the commercial is over, please follow the below-mentioned instructions to gain access to your member’s portal:


1. Visit   https://npfinancials.com.au/

2. Click on “Login” (last tab at top)

3. Click on “Register” (appearing at the bottom right-hand corner)

4. Provide your Name, E-mail and Contact number

5. Hit the “Submit” button

6. System will send you a “Code” in your Email address

7. Use the “Code” in   https://npfinancials.com.au/npfin/registration.php webpage to complete the Registration process

8. Please let us know through a reply email after completion of this so that we can provide you access to our private Client Arena with your Login ID and password.


We have pioneered Trader Training in Australia since 2016. We have trained thousands of budding Traders across the globe since inception. We have revolutionized the ADVANCED concepts in Mapping of Markets Trading. We have an extremely high rate of retention in our Trading ecosystem. This means, clients who start with us, stay with us.


We are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). We have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Our Company’s motto is, “We Win when You Win”.


We are always there to support you when you need it the most, either through Email, Live Chat, Landline phone, Mobile phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Telegram and Discord.


Please book your first session, after the commercial is over, so that we can get you started in your Trader Development Journey to be able to trade our Company’s Capital.

There's no time like the present!

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