60% out of Total 2,894 Pips captured by our Proprietary Bitcoin Trading System

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In the last one month from Mon 18-Sep-2017 to Wed 18-Oct-2017, the price of Bitcoin as a Crypto-Currency has appreciated 2,894 Pips, a gain of 97.44% of which our Bitcoin Trading System has bagged 1,723 Pips.

The gain of 1,723 Pips (Percentage in Points) from a total of 2,894 Pips, is equal to a humongous gain of 60% of the total market move.

You can also capture this type of move in the future, when it happens, with our Proprietary Crypto-Currency Trading Strategy System Indications when you are trained by us.

Start Developing yourself with us as a Cryptocurrency Trader.

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