Trade with Australia’s #1 regulated Prop Trading Firm with the Simplest Funding Model in the Industry.

Be a Funded Trader. Trade our Capital. You keep 70% Profit. N P Financials proudly launches Funded Trading.

Be a Funded Trader. Trade our Capital. You keep 70% Profit. N P Financials proudly launches Funded Trading



Let us take this opportunity to introduce you to the biggest possible Funded Trading offer. Overcome the biggest obstacles most traders face in the form of not having enough Trading Capital.


This is the time to flourish. Take advantage of this great Funded Trading offer as we are in search of Good Traders.


N P Financials have launched the most exciting Funded Trading opportunities one trader can dream of.


Please visit and get started with your fund of choice. Pass the Audition and enjoy the big money. We have set Your Profit Share pay-out to be as high as 70%.


Here is an example:


You select Progressive US$ 250,000

You pass the audition and make 3% a month which is equal to US$ 7,500= AU$ 10,485 (at current value)

Your Profit Share pay-out= 70% * AU$ 10,485 = AU$ 7,340


We are confident that this will help you to lead a good life.


Here is another example:


You select Experienced US$ 500,000

You  pass the audition and make 3% a month which is equal to US$ 15,000= AU$ 20,970 (at current value)

Your Profit Share pay-out= 70% * AU$ 20,970 = AU$ 14,680


This is good money, dear friend.


We have been in this Trading business too long to know that there is no holy grail, all we do at N P Financials is look for trade opportunities that present higher probability than average in all the 5 asset classes (Forex, Shares, Commodities, Indices and Cryptos). Our Trader Development Programs which you are (or will be) going through are extremely powerful and you will continue to benefit from our proprietary Trading Strategies, sample Trade Ideas which have generated 41,732 points in the last 59 months at an average of 707 points per month and 85 average points per Trade.


Cumulative Points Earned vs. Months from N P Financials' Trade Ideas
Cumulative Points Earned vs. Months from N P Financials’ Trade Ideas


We know that many talented traders, like you, struggle to raise capital. To assist traders, like you, on your path to become full-time traders we have built this program that allows you with skin in the game to accelerate your career and increase earning capacity. Capitalize on your trading skills and amplify your returns with our funded trader account— you keep 70% of the profits.


You are not alone on your journey, you have us on your side. You Trade. We will take care of your funding. Don’t put your hard-earned money at risk. Trade ours.


Some of the key features of our Funded Trading offerings:


  • No monthly subscription.
  • No hidden cost.
  • You pay the fee only once.
  • Get Funded Quickly.
  • No minimum trading days.
  • No maximum trading days.
  • Just pass the test & get Funded.
  • Follow 2 Rules Only: Put Stop Loss. Go flat on weekends.
  • Trade your own strategy.
  • No restrictions on strategies.
  • Trade the strategy that works for you.
  • You can also trade our strategies.

You can consult us anytime between 9 am to 9 pm AEST.

As you know, no one will give this much time and attention to anyone. You are special to us.

Trade well my friend. We wish you all the success.

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