Orange Juice Commodity is at Opportunistic Level

Orange Juice Commodity is at an Opportunistic Level Now. As of writing this blog post, Commodity Orange Juice is trading at a price level of 10,342.

The chart we have considered is a monthly chart. For the last 9 months, since April 2019 till date, Commodity Orange Juice is at a support and in a very tight range.

The zone of support for Commodity Orange Juice has been identified as below:

1. Swing Low of May 2012 at the price level of 9,710

2. 78.6% Fibonacci support level at 9,934. This Fibonacci, we have drawn from the swing low of 6,460 price level plotted on February 2009 to swing high of 16,890 price level plotted on January 2012.

Now the big question is what the Commodity Orange Juice is going to do from here in the New Year.

Orange Juice, NP Financials

As per our proprietary trading strategy, if Commodity Orange Juice is closing above the price level of 10,602 on a monthly basis and its high is taken out by 33 pips then there would be good probability for Commodity Orange Juice to move up.

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