Learn Cryptocurrency Trading with Professionals

Learn Basics of Forex Trading with Partha Banerjee of N P Financials, the Prop Trading Firm at Melbourne: On completion of the “Basics of Trading” course, You will develop an In-depth understanding of Fundamental factors moving Markets. You will be able to clearly understand the Market Jargon e.g. Swaps, Spread, Slippage etc.

In this course you will Learn:
• How to Trade Different Markets. Learn from our Professional Traders, Trading for living, at our Live Trading Discord Room.
• More about Forex Market Facts, Timings and its Framework.
• Achieve advantage of major Market Participants.
• About Currency Nomenclature and how to decide which Currency to Trade.
• The functions and purpose of Base and Term Currencies.
• Trading Cross or Triangulated Currencies, and US Dollar Index.
• What are Swaps, Spread, Slippage along with how to set Book Profit Targets.
• The fundamentals factors moving Markets along with Sentiment Analysis.
• Different Order Types, pros and cons of Leverage and Margin Trading.
• Calculate Trade Risk, Trade Reward, and find favorable Reward to Risk Trades.
• Assumptions of Account Risk and advance Position Sizing.
• Develop a Trader’s Mindset and Technical Trading.
• Create an effective Trade Plan and Trade Journal and much more….
• The above price is for 3 hours of mentorship.