Stock Market Index: ASX 200 Technical Analysis

Stock Market Index: ASX 200 Technical Analysis:

Stock Market Index: ASX 200 has opened today with a huge Price GAP. Interestingly this GAP for Stock Market Index: ASX 200 has happened when Price has printed a Double Top as shown below. We will tell you what type of GAP is this in technical analysis arena for Stock Market Index: ASX 200.

ASX 200, NP Financials

This Price chart for Stock Market Index: ASX 200 is observed in a weekly chart. This GAP has become more relevant since it happened at the resistance price level of 6,400. The previous recent high for for Stock Market Index: ASX 200 was at 6,381.3 which Price printed on the week number 35 in 2018.

As we are talking about GAP in technical Analysis, let us let you know that there are 3 types of GAPs in trading. These are:

  1. Breakout Gap
  2. Continuation Gap
  3. Exhaustion Gap

ASX-200 Market index today:

For Stock Market Index: ASX 200, the price GAP which has been captured by us is a type of Breakout Gap. Off course we need to remember that we are writing this post on Monday which is the first day of the week and there are 4 more days to pass by to complete the week on Friday, the 10th of May 2019. Price can fill in this GAP in the coming 4 days. In that case, it will not be a GAP any more especially if price closes above 6,381.3 level.

Here is how ASX-200’s Gap is appearing :

ASX 200 Gap Date
Cash Index Breakout 06.05.2019

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