Share Trading

Share Trading

(6 months Duration)


Learn how to do Share Trading. Get mentored in the art and science of Share Trading in our proprietary 6 months developmental course. Derive benefit from our effective Share Trading Strategies. Learn how you can decipher the Fundamental and Technical aspects of Stock Trading. Under our proprietary Share Trading mentor-ship program you will be trained to trade ASX, NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ listed shares.

COURSE CONTENT (You will learn):



• Winning Fundamentals of Share Trading
• How to develop an in-depth knowledge for interpreting the financial of Companies you want to trade e.g. EPS, Earnings, PE, ROE, ACFS etc
• What to look for and How to read the financial statements of Companies
• Share Trading Mindset including Major Mistakes to be avoided
• Identification of Correct and Relevant Market Reversals
• Understanding Share Market Evaluation
• Correct Understanding of Price Plot Patterns
• Effective Technical Analysis in Share Markets
• Key factors to look for in a Company
• How to measure the strengths of relevant Sectors
• How to identify the winning Stocks in a strong Sector
• How to avoid the lagging Stocks in a week Sector
• Key Events Driving Share Prices
• Share Market’s Actual Trend
• Identification of Short, Medium & Long term Trends
• Taking advantage of Gaps in Share Trading
• Concepts of Share Market Turning Points
• Trade International and Local Shares from share trading course Melbourne
• Develop a consistent & easy to follow Share Trading Plan
• Volume Spread Analysis
• Learn Index Trading
• Our Proprietary Money, Risk & Portfolio Management Strategies
• Setups for Long Share Trading Strategy
• Setups for Short Share Trading Strategy
• Stop position identification for Share Trading Strategy
• Setting up Profit Objectives for Share Trading Strategy
• Share Trading Trade Management
• Know your numbers especially what brokers can charge in Share Trading (e.g. CFD interest charge, Commissions, Exchange rates, Stock borrowing costs, Dividends etc.)
• Development and Maintenance of Share Trading Journal and how to learn from the mistakes

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