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Use our trade ideas for your intraday trading as a way to generate extra cash flow. You shall receive 1 sample trade idea (at an average) daily for the ASX200 cash index.

The best time to grab consistent points from any market is when the markets are opening. You shall receive an average of 3 sample trade ideas per day, which should be opened and closed within the same day.

Learn how to seize regular points in 4 hour time frame using our sample trade ideas as your guide. You shall receive an average of 2 weekly sample trade ideas, which should be opened and closed within the same week.

Trade smarter, not harder: 12-hourly swing trading lets you catch bigger moves with less stress. You shall receive an average of 6 sample trade ideas per month, which should be opened and closed within a two-week period.

There is no better way to grab profitable points from the markets than daily swing trading trade ideas. You shall receive an average of 8 sample trade ideas per month, which should be opened and closed within that same month.

Unlock the potential for extra income and elevate your trading game with our exclusive trade ideas available in our client portal. Our Trade ideas here have collected 53,358 points from the markets in the last 70 months @ 762 average points per month and 88 average pips per trade. 

Grab our favourite Elliott wave trade ideas to capture points from the wave nature of the market movements.

Inspiring Testimonials That Will Leave You Moved!

I wish I had known about Partha and team back in 2016. I have learnt more from NP Financials than my other previous two Trading courses. The key difference is NP Financials teach more than just retail strategies, they lay out the fundamentals and the team have vast experience. I am close to half way into the 12 month trading program and fortunate to have Partha as my mentor. Learning allot! Thank you Partha.
Learning from the NP Financial team has changed my life. Unparalleled knowledge and teaching skills has elevated my trading immensely. I highly recommend NP Financial if you want to take your trading to the next level.
Thanks a lot for your training and support Partha and team. Your training is very valuable to me. This is everything that I ever wanted to learn to be an independent investor. Your training on where to invest, choosing the right broker, setting up charting screens, reading and understanding charts, all have given me the confidence to continue my trading journey. Love the way you encourage asking questions at the end of every learning. I look forward to continue my trading journey with your support and guidance into the future.
NP Financials came into my life as a good luck that I absolutely needed. They have provided me with the capital I needed as a trader that changed my life. I am greteful ti NPF. In April I started my first Challenge for $25k and passed within 10 days. Now have been trading this capital with successful payouts.
Sayed Aminul
Trustpilot Review
My experience with NP Financials was excellent. Purchased a 50K transition account and would not be happier with there service .The technology and service is the best I have ever seen. Instant account and platform details,excellent trader dashboard and customer service is fantastic. Tested a lot of Prop Firms but I can honestly say that NP Financials are one of the few Prop firms that want traders to pass. A Prop Firm operated by professionals traders and there own track record speaks for itself.
D. K.
Trustpilot Review
Being a total newbie to trading, Partha has explained everything with simplicity and helped me feel confident in starting my journey as a trader. I am thoroughly enjoying learning and so grateful for Partha's ability to always relate it back real life examples makes it appear so easy and achievable. Thank you Partha.
Sweta Chauhan
Sweta Chauhan
7 years in YouTube and thousands of content so far in my lifetime. Partha is the best teacher of any topic I have ever seen.
By far, one of the absolute best videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube. Clear, concise, doesn’t require a financial genius to understand. I certainly wish this guy taught my finance course in my MBA.
Not only a good teacher but you also come across as a very genuine person. In the sea of fake money minded sharks, the kind of knowledge you're sharing, is simply unparalleled. I wish you all the best for taking up so much effort and doing so good for the public free of cost. Thank you very much and keep the good work flowing. God Bless.
Its a privilege to learn trading from Partha at NP Financial. He teaches in very simple and lucid way which helps in grasping and understanding the concepts in trading. The team at NPF is quite supportive and responsive. Looking forward to learn in-depth and be a part of this growth journey. All the very best to team NPF & Partha.
Partha has paved the way for me in which I could not have visualized. His patience and knowledge in the spectrum of trading has made me more confident in my ability to make decisions in stocks. If you need a coach/teacher who you could trust, this is your guy.
Starting from having no knowledge of trading Partha and NP Financials have held my hand and guided my development in my journey of becoming a trader. It has been an extremely exciting and rewarding journey which would have been impossible without Partha distributing his immense skill and techniques to us. His good humor extreme patience and encyclopedic knowledge of Trading makes this possible. I'm sure we all owe him a debt of gratitude for taking us along on this exciting journey of Trading.

Performance Measures: Trading-Market-Open Live Discord Room

Performance Measure Trading-Market-Open Live Discord Room
Total Trading Days
Total Trades Placed
Average Trades/Day
Profitable Trading Days
Average Points/Day
Average Gain/Day
$430 (With a standard lot)
Total Gain (Points)
Success Rate
Unprofitable Days

Performance Measures: Intraday-Trading-Live Discord Room

Performance Measure Intraday-Trading-Live Discord Room
Total Trading Days
Profitable Trading Days
Success Rate
Cost of Business
(1/3rd Position Size Days) 40
Cost of Business
(1% Days) 6
Unprofitable Days

Performance Measures NPF Discord Channels

Performance Measure 4-hour-Swing-Trading Channel 12-hour-Swing-Trading Channel Daily-Swing-Trading Channel
Total Points Collected
Time Period
12 months
12 months
13 months
Total Trades Placed
Average Trades/Month
Average Return/Trade (Points)
Average Gain/Trade (Mini Lot $1/Point)
Average Gain/Trade (Standard Lot $10/Point)