Thank you for your interest in Australia’s #1 Prop Trading Firm- N P Financials, Training and Funding Traders since 2016.


As a special goodwill gesture, we are willing to give you a BIG 10% Discount on all of our Auditions. To avail this BIG 10% Discount please put “Coupon Code as “NPF-P10” to avail 10% Discount” on all of our Auditions.


We have the Simplest (Single Step with No Maximum days to Pass the Audition) Funding Model in the Industry with great results and are always looking for good traders to trade our company’s capital.


Take the first step toward becoming a NPF Funded Trader, getting access to our capital, and keeping 70% of the profit from your trades. Now it’s time to get serious.


To become an approved trader for us, you need to pass our evaluation program, the NPF Proprietary Trading Audition. 


This is a simple test that helps us assess your trading skills, risk management, and money management skills. 


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Why join N P Financials?


We know that many talented traders, like you, struggle to raise capital. 


That’s why we offer funds from US $25,000 to US $1,925,000 and a ton of benefits:


· There’s no monthly subscription. 

· No hidden cost. 

· There’s a single one-time fee 

· Get your account up and running within minutes

· No rush – there are no minimum or maximum trading days to pass the evaluation.


We offer you 5 asset classes to trade via our broker:

·     Forex– with raw spreads

·     Equities– 646 Shares

·     Cryptos– 377 cryptocurrencies

·     Metals & Oil– XAU, XAG, XPT, Oil

·     Indices– 17 Stock Index Markets


Just pass the test, get funded quickly, and enjoy the freedom to trade your way:


· Trade your own strategy or one of our strategies

· EA is allowed.

· Hedging is allowed.

· Copy Trading is allowed.


Here is an example:


You select Progressive US$ 250,000

You pass the audition and make 3% a month which is equal to US$ 7,500

Your Profit Share pay-out= 70% * US$ 7,500 = US$ 5,250


At our clients are getting 48,456 points in the last 65 months at an average of 745 points per month and 89 average points per Trade.


Want to match or exceed those results? 


Start making serious money today! 


FAQ, NP Financials


Here’s a step-by-step guide to start your Audition today (e.g. US$25,000 “Start-Up” Evaluation or any other Audition(s)):


1. Click on

2. Please Click on “Start Trading” below the “Start-Up” Evaluation (or any other Audition(s))

3. Choose from the MT4 or MT5 platform

4. Click “Add to Cart” at the bottom right-hand corner

5. Click View cart at the top right-hand corner

6. Proceed to checkout.

7. Fill in your details and complete the process.

8. Leave Account creation as empty and put Coupon Code as “NPF-P10” to avail 10% Discount.


After you complete the above process, you will receive 2 emails from us: 1 for your MT4 or MT5 Login Credentials and the other email for your Trading Dashboard details. That’s how your journey to wealth begins.


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What to expect from the Audition?


The Rules for our Audition, are simple:


1. A stop-loss is required for each trade.

2. All positions must be closed on Friday at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

3. You must place a trade at least once every 30 days.


To Pass (target 10%) our Audition, we only ask you to follow our 2 drawdown rules as below:

1. Daily Drawdown: 4%

2. Maximum Trailing Drawdown: 5%


Apart from these 2 rules, we do not impose any other rules to follow. 


Ready to become an NPF Funded Trader, trade our capital, and keep 70% of the profits. 

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Need more support? 


We are always there to support you when you need it the most, either through Email, Live Chat, Landline phone, Mobile phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Telegram, and Discord.


We recommend visiting for answers to the most common question we get.


If you can’t find your query in our FAQ, you can always contact us at +61 3 9790 6476 or [email protected] or WhatsApp at +61 425 183 642


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