The Year 2018 with N P Financials: Successes followed by Successes: A retrospection:

In this post we have critically analyzed the outcomes or performances of our blog posts throughout the entire year i.e. 2018 as below: 30th January 2018: We wrote, “DOW JONES INDEX (Wall Street Cash) is now at our Resistance/Supply Line at 26,702 price level”: Dow Jones came down 3,590 Pips in 6 days after our…

Answer to the Million $ Question: “What is the Trend Now and since how long”.

Trending Markets

At N P Financials Pty Ltd, we have developed a Unique Mathematical Model, through our 21,000 hours of Market Research, to answer the Million $ Question: “What is the Trend Now and since how long“. We will exactly show you how to calculate this to determine the following with high Mathematical Probabilities: 1. Short-Term or Immediate Trend…