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Traders Foundation

For Traders Foundation course a full time professional trader from NPF will be your own personal coach for 9 hours. Traders Foundation will give you twelve, one-on-one coaching sessions. You will be attending two monthly master classes in addition to your mentoring sessions. You get the best of the best trading courses for beginners, Melbourne.

You will get Traders Foundation 140 pages of content. You will be coached to complete weekly self-assessment tasks.

Traders Foundation, NP Financials

Our most popular Traders Foundation course:

Traders Foundation, NP Financials

If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best!

N P Financials bring you their professional Traders’ Foundation course, a course that is designed to not only teach you all the basics of investment but also equip you with the most sought-after skills in the trading market, allowing you to make lucrative and successful transactions that rapidly build up an amazing Trading Aptitude!

Without a proper guide, it is easy to get lost in the trading and investment world. We have been the pioneers of trading in the Australian market for over a decade and have groomed thousands of amateurs into professional traders. You too, can benefit from this immense wealth of knowledge and learn from the experts at N P Financials to kickstart your trading career/ business.

With our Traders’ Foundation course, you will receive hands-on mentoring from our professional traders in focused, one-on-one training sessions that are sure to empower you with the skills, techniques, and knowledge required to excel in the field. With 9 hours packed with amazing content and training, you will have constant support from our traders for any of your queries. The course has 12 well-paced sessions that will also prepare you with real-time trading practices and test you with weekly assessments so that you can acquire the maximum benefits from this training. You will also receive 140 pages of exclusive prime content on trading that highlights some of the best practices and strategies that we have used since our inception.

There is no guarantee of success in the trading world, but with the right tricks and techniques that we teach you, you make that success yours, just like thousands of traders before you! Through our Traders’ Foundation course, you will be able to:

  • Master the Professional Trader Mindset that will allow you to analyse the market like a pro,
  • Learn Technical and Market Analysis, which is crucial to the success of any trader,
  • Understand the Dos and Don’ts of market practices,
  • Learn the best Money & Risk Management Strategies while maximizing your Reward to Risk (RR) ratio,
  • And much more!

Understanding the market structure, knowing the backhand techniques to best trades, and knowing how to map the market are some of the basic and most essential skills that any professional must know to be able to succeed. At N P Financials, it is our mission to supply you with all these skills and add our proprietary edges to set not only expand your lucrative portfolio but also distinguish you in the trading field.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our Traders’ Foundation course today and become a part of our successful trading community!

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