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Bar by Bar Trading

At N P Financials we share our proprietary Bar-by-Bar Price Action knowledge and expertise with clients to provide them an opportunity to explore the possibility of earning a passive income.

Our main services are Trading, coaching and mentoring to open-minded, positive and interested clients to help them earn extra income while keeping their day job.

We Trade all the six Asset Classes, viz. Forex, Equities (Shares), Bonds, Commodities (Gold, Oil etc), Cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) and Indices (ASX 200, DAX, S&P 500, DJI, CAC 40 etc) and develop clients on these asset classes to help them diversify their Trading portfolios.

We are regulated by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). We have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

We believe in Simplicity in our Trading pathway Our idea: if it is not Simple, it is not working.

We value our clients and care for them. As a result, we have highest 5 Star rating on Google and 4.9 Star rating on Facebook from our clients.

Know how the hardest part of Price Action can be understood through simple and step by step approach.

If you are planning to be a Serious Trader, then this proprietary Bar-by-Bar Trading methodology is just right for you.

In this methodology you will be able to spot the importance of understanding each bar on your Price Chart to make your Trading much Simpler.

After getting the training form a Professional Trader from N P Financials, you will be able to derive the exclusive benefits by understanding our Proprietary Bar by Bar Trading methodologies.

No matter what is the time frame you are trading, e.g. 1 minute or 15 minutes or 1 hour or 24 hours, our proprietary Bar-by-Bar Trading methodology will help you to take your Trading confidence to the next level.

With our proprietary Bar-by-Bar Trading methodology, your chance of net win in the Market will be drastically enhanced and so would be your rate of Success in Trading.

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